Whacked! Quotes


"Professional hitman. That's what he said. Professional hitman. Just what the fuck does that mean. I said to him just what the fuck does that mean. How do you know it wasn't some keen amateur?"


"It was like a beautiful dream, only it was real."


"On the way there, Julian gets stopped for speeding and cos he had a bit of puff in his pocket, he panics, whacks the copper. Gets himself nicked. I was so annoyed."


"You know, if cocaine gets wet, it really stains your carpet. There's nothing on the market to get it out. I think it's outrageous."


"It was amazing. you could actually hear the bones cracking. And you could see the guy's skin change - first it went red, like he was blushing but darker, then it started to go grey as the bruising set in."


"Firemen do it, don't they? Just in case."



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