Meet Annie.




Clubbing queen, party animal, hard-working shopaholic and devoted girlfriend to one of the most feared men in the country.

In 'Whacked!', a cinematic monologue set in the East End of London, we get a glimpse of just what it is that makes her tick.

Based on a true story, 'Whacked!' lays bare the hidden world of sex, drugs and violence that is part and parcel of the life of a modern-day gangster's moll.

Compelling and disturbing, terrifying yet gripping, 'Whacked!' is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat from its startling beginning to its sting-in-the-tail ending.

'Whacked!' has been adapted for the stage from the script of an independent feature film which is currently in pre-production. It is also being filmed by two documentary film-makers throughout the festival.


"It was like a beautiful dream, only it was real."

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